Change From the Top – For Success In Digital Transformation

This week in, Clint Boulton wrote about the many ways CIO’s are changing their IT practices so as to keep up with an increasingly digital world. He quotes a trend called “Unbounded IT” from 2017 Tech Trends. The report covers “breaking down the bureaucratic silos between IT and business.” He also includes honest examples of how leaders in IT from companies such as and Ford Motor are evolving operations of their own within IT. Including riffing off Apple’s...

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It’s Recruitment – but in a very Different Perspective

Many industries have already been disrupted by digital advancement and increasing automation. Traditional estate agents first had to contend with the prospect of online rivals offering low-cost, fixed-fee services rather than commission-based fees; financial advisers saw increasing numbers of clients choose self-invested products or turn to low-cost online brokers to find financial products without commission costs; and the customer services industry is already being revolutionized by automation and client self-service. Similar change looks set to impact the recruitment industry. Experts...

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