Sr. to Lead Software Engineer

Title: Sr. to Lead Software Engineer
Posted: February 21, 2019
Job Sector: Engineering

Sr. to Lead Software Engineer – up to $250k – top tier Blockchain startup – CA-based or Remote

The company’s Cofounders and a team of Advisors include some of the biggest names in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm, including payments domain experts, the Cofounder of a highly valued cryptocurrency, world-class cryptography theorists, and well-known cryptocurrency investors.

The company is developing technology designed from the ground up to address issues currently limiting adoption and practical use of cryptocurrencies for payments. Its blockchain-based payments platform will enable seamless use of its cryptocurrency for e-commerce as well as p2p environments.

The company is offering a salary up to $250k, but more importantly, you would be getting significant equity in the company which would translate into tokens of their cryptocurrency. Those tokens could be highly lucrative (refer to the market caps of the many existing cryptocurrencies).

Job Responsibilities:
You will be at the forefront of the rapidly advancing cryptocurrency ecosystem, building next-generation blockchain technology that only recently has become possible to develop.
You will be developing a payments network for massive scale, which requires a strong focus on security and user trust.
(For Lead level candidates) You will work closely with the Cofounders and Technical Advisors in designing the system and creating the white paper.
(For Lead level candidates) You will help hire, and then manage the team of developers to execute on goals to hit milestones at a rapid pace.

Must be exceptionally intelligent, with the ability to pick up new methods and technologies quickly.
Expertise in any programming language such as C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Scala, etc.
A language agnostic mentality. Interest and ability to rapidly learn whatever language is best for the job.
Integrity, discipline, and unparalleled work ethic are three of your core values
You must be cool under pressure and hyper-efficient.
Deep interest in blockchain technology.

Nice to have:
Existing experience as a blockchain and crypto visionary
Contributions or other demonstrated interest in blockchain technology and applications
Leadership ability, demonstrated by experience hiring and managing engineers at an amazing company
Understanding of cryptographic theory – enough to understand general tradeoffs
Deep knowledge of at least one of:
Payment channels
Lightning networks
Passion for:
Decentralized applications / systems
‘Political’ systems, both historical and on the blockchain
Incentive structures and Game theory
Payments and payments related systems


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